See It.
Swipe It.
Analyze It.

Rock It.

With the GAdsup Chrome extension, swipe any YouTube Ads and monetization-enabled videos you see.
Then with the GAdsup web app, analyze your data for complete niche domination. Once done with YouTube domination, use the same web app to dominate Google.

Winning Combo of a Chrome Extension and Web App for Advertisers, Copywriters & Media Buyers Who Want to Build a Killer Swipe File of YouTube Ads without breaking the bank.

Either pay $1000+ to a ‘guru’ and buy his swipe file

A cookie-cutter solution that MIGHT (not) work for you. Or easily swipe all the highly successful ads in YOUR niche at a very affordable price.

Be a Trigger-Happy,
Ad-Bookmarking ... Marketer

Make a big swipe-file of ads that convert - and beat your competition. Bookmarking YouTube ads was never this easy before. People used to waste hours on a channel, finding an ad among hundreds of videos, or they had to dig into the code to trace the video ad. Not any more! With the GAdsUp Chrome extension, you can swipe the ad as soon as YouTube plays it.

Bookmark Top-Ranking Monetized
Videos with One Click

Find top-ranking videos for your niche with the precision of a scalpel and bookmark them to later use for your own ads. It wasn’t easy to bookmark such top-ranking monetized videos before, but now, with the click of a button, you can store them the moment you play them.

Our Chrome extension is not where we stop. That’s actually what we build up on. Our web app enables you to dominate your niche in many different ways. None of our competitors has a web app.

Search Top-Ranking
Monetized Videos in 101 Ways

Our web app lets you encapsulate monetized and top-ranking YouTube content in many different ways. Use the ‘Video Search’ options like by keyword, by channel, by top charts and by trending videos, etc. to find out the best video to place your ads.

Search Top-Performing YouTube
Channels and Partner with Them

Whether you only want to search top YouTube channels in your niche to place your ads on their videos or you want to go gangbusters by making partnerships with such channels, our tool allows you to search channels in any niche with the precision of a cruise missile. Search options include keywords, featured channels and channel info.

Access Your Bookmarked Ads and Videos.
Anytime, Anywhere. On Any Browser & Any System in the World

Imagine being on a vacation and away from home. But business never takes a single day off. Now you want to be able to take a look at the ads and videos you bookmarked, but you can’t coz your system is at home. Enters GAdsup web app. It can be accessed on any browser - not just Chrome. And you can take a look at your ads and videos anywhere in the world - even on your cell phone.

Google SERP Domination

We know that your niche domination gols are wild; this is why our web app does more than taking care of the YouTube front. We also help you establish your niche domination on Google SERPs. Use a keyword to find out the lists of top-ranking sites that you can use for ads placement.

View All Your Data Separately from
Chrome Extension

This is one of the few amazing things that only we can do for you - none of our competitors is this thorough. Once you are done bookmarking ads and videos, you can then open a new tab on any browser and take a look at all the data without having to close the window where you can see all the ads and videos you have bookmarked.

There are other ad and video bookmarking tools out there. But none of them gives you this many search options, settings and filters to customize your marketing game the way you want.

Endless Referrals. Ready?

100% cloud-based tool for marketers, advertisers and business owners

GAds Up Youtube
Suite Monthly


100% cloud-based tool for marketers, advertisers and business owners

GAds Up Youtube
Suite Annual


100% cloud-based tool for marketers, advertisers and business owners

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